Where to buy water soluble paints

(please note that we cannot guarantee products will be in stock in these shops)

Argentina: J&T Hero Factory

Australia: Art Department Supplies, Let’s Play Games

Belgium: ’t Spelgeweld

Canada: Abyssgamestore, Apt to Game, Eastridge Sports Cards & Games Inc, Everything Games, Fenris Workshop, GameKnight Games, Great Hobbies-Edmonton, Great Hobbies-Mississauga, Great Hobbies-Oshawa, Great Hobbies-Ottowa, Great Hobbies-Stratford, Hairy Tarantula, Industrial Park Games Ltd, JacHOBBYKingdom of the Titans, Le Bastion, Magic Stronghold, Multizone comics and games, Out of The Box, Sunward Hobbies, The Game Chamber, Trinity Hobby, Wheels & Wings Hobbies, X Planet Games,

France: WavGames

Germany: PATIN-A SHOP, Battlefield Berlin, KuTaMi, PK-PRO, Taschengelddieb

Mexico: Art Hobbies.

Netherlands: Wizards miniatures world,Scenery Workshop and Scenery en Zo.

New Zealand: Kapiti Hobbies

Northern Ireland: Titanic FX.


Republic of Korea: HOBBY CORE

Spain: Empire Games

Sweden: OmniX.

UK: 4d Model Shop, Above & Beyond Retail UK Ltd, Acme Games, Alchemists Workshops, Batcave, Black Sun Studios, Clan Shots Gaming, Cryptic Cabin, Dark Sphere, Bow and Blade Games, Devildog Gaming, Dressmakers Wholesale, Durham Trains of Stanley, Element Games, Excalibur Gaming, Fazpack, Great Escape Games, Hobbyspotz, Hobby Workshop, Justplay, Kraken Gaming Ltd, Longbow Gaming, Model Display Products, Northumbrian Tin Soldier, Pro Tech Games Ltd, Severn View Hobbies Ltd, The Outpost, The Scale Model Shed, The Toy and Model Warehouse, Tiny Worlds, Waroffice Game Supplies, Willen Games

USA:  Advantage Games, Adventure Games and Hobby, AFK GamesAnime Kat, Armada Games, Armoured Wolf, Bearded Browncoat Comics & Games, Black Bag Games, Board Fox Games, Brookhurst Hobbies, Cardboard Dungeon Games, Castle of Games, Cataclysm Games, CM Games – Knoxville, Chaos, Games and More, Cole Street Game Vault, Cook’s Arts & Crafts Shoppe LLC, Cool Comics and Games, Critical Hit Games, Dark Depths Games, Davinci’s DreamworksDice Drop Games, Dogs of War Gaming, Dragon Knight Games, Dragon’s Roost Coffee and Games, Discover Games, Dungeon Games, Edmond Unplugged, Ettin Games and Hobbies, Fantasy Games LLC, Games and Stuff, Game Garrison VA, Game Grid – Logan, Game Goblins Little Rock AR, Game Goblins Conway AR, Game Grid – North Salt Lake, Game Kastle – AustinGame Kastle-College Park, Game Kastle Sacramento, Game Universe, Gamescape North, Gamescape SF, Giga-Bites Café, Goblin’s Hut, Golden Rhino Games, Granite Coast Gaming, Gray Gauntlet Games, Great Escape Games-Rocklin, Great Escape Games-SacramentoGrognard Games & Hobbies, Ground Zero Hobbies, Gryphon Games and Comics, Hangar 18 Hobbies, Herrick Games and Hobbies, Hill Country Hobby, Humble Hero Games, Huzzah Hobbies LLC, Inconceivable Toys and Games, Imperial Outpost Games, J & J Games N Hobbies, Knight Arms Game Store, Light Industries, LionHeart Hobby, Lost Planet, M3Studios, Manaform Games, Mega Gaming & Comics, Michigan Toy Soldier & Figure Company, Midgard Hobbies and Games Inc, Mindtaker Miniatures, MiniQ Anime & Hobby, Miso Game Room, Mox Bellevue, Mox Portland, Mox Seattle, Mugu Games, Noble Knight Games, Pair a Dice Games, Petrie’s Family Games, Quarterstaff Games, Odin Games and Hobby, Old World Games, Over The Brick LLC, Peculiar Games and Hobbies, PlayForge, Rainy Day Games, Real Deal Tabletop, Red Raccoon Games, Saltmarsh Games and Comics LLC, Shall We Play, Slow Death Games, Source Comics & Games, Swordsnboards, Table Action Games, Tanuki Games, TerraCrux Games, The Collective, The Forge Hobbies & Games, The Game Matrix, The Game Shelf, The Gamer’s Haven, The Griffons Lair Game Shop, The Realm Games & Comics, The Rusty Scabbard, Time Warp Comic & Games, Titan Games and Hobbies, Toledo Game Room, Top Deck Games, Total Escape Games, Troll Hoard Games, Umbrella Games, Yottaquest, Your Hobby Place – Alexandria, Your Hobby Place – Fredericksburg, Your Hobby Place – Martinsburg,