Used on: Star Wars, James Bond, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes – check out or ‘ As seen on‘ page for even more…

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Ageing Sprays

Water soluble, semi-transparent dye for ageing costumes and props. Quick & easy to use. Fast drying.

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Water Soluble Paints / Effects

Simulate the patina of rust, copper and moss. Water soluble to easily fade back effects.

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Frost and snow effect spray

Snow Sprays

Realistic frost & snow effects on costumes and props. Fast & easy to use. Semi-permanent. Non-yellowing.

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Anti-Flare Spray

Water soluble spray. Reduces reflections from polished surfaces. Simple to apply & easy to remove.

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Costume crayons

New costume crayons. 10 different coloured crayons in a box.

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Our Products:

Ageing Sprays for breaking down costumes and props, making them look dirty and old. Used by film, television and theatre since 1985. Also used in cosplay for dirtying costumes – see a Captain Jack Sparrow costume hereFrost & Snow Spray is a realistic snow effect in a spray canAnti-Flare spray reduces shine caused by lights reflecting off polished surfaces. Anti-Static spray eliminates static on fabric, including wool, nylon and other synthetics, carpets and rugs. Costume Crayons are coloured wax crayons for making realistic dirt marks on fabricsWater Soluble Paints/Effects Liquids. Rust effect paint, Moss Effect paint and Verdigris effect paint are water soluble high matt effects. These products were originally sold under our other brand name Modelmates. Use straight from the pot with brush or sprayer. Dirty Down is available from dealers throughout the United Kingdom including England, Northern Ireland and Scotland and dealers in other EU countries including Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eastonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden. Also outside of the EU in Australia and South Africa.

Sealing effects paints

A customer has sealed our rust effects paint using a spray varnish – Rust-oleum, Crystal Clear Protective Coat. We thought it a good idea to let our customers know about this. Our customer would like to emphasise- slow and steady, sparing coats, with drying time. See a bigger image at the bottom of our rust […]

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Yellow rust added

A new product has been added to our range today, Yellow Rust. Read more here

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New Iceland dealer

Our Iceland dealer has changed to Julia Embla, Tangarhofdi 7, 110 Reykjavik tel: 003548917063 email: [email protected]

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