How to dirty down clothes

Ageing sprays demonstration – ageing a jacket

This demonstration shows ageing sprays applied to a mans jacket to show how to dirty down costumes. The main colours used were Mid Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Ash Blonde ageing spray. For demonstration purposes we have made the ageing effect very visible; just apply a little less for a more subtle effect. The colours will often change under the stage or set lights and most of the time look less dramatic.

Wear gloves and an apron and work on a well ventilated area. Our ageing sprays are water soluble. The spray may be smeared by re-wetting with water and then dabbing or rubbing with a damp or wet cloth. Keep water and a cloth near to blur and smudge the colours when necessary. The effects of spraying will be lost by washing in water, but there may still be staining. Do not use sprayed fabrics outside in wet weather.

With thanks to Rosa Fernandez Day for ageing this jacket.

  • Use ageing spray sparingly; apply several fine coats rather than one heavy coat. The shade will darken with each coat applied.
  • When spraying larger areas, hold can upright 30cm (1 foot) away from the fabric and spray across in one smooth sweep, keeping the nozzle fully depressed.
  • Hold the can a little closer to the fabric when spraying the collar, lapels, pockets and cuffs.
  • For very dark patches, spray close to the surface.
  • For small patches, spray through holes cut in a sheet of paper.

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