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If you are a reseller wishing to stock our products, please use the form on this page. Please supply a link to your website shop and the information listed below. We will add your details to our website and email you a user-name and password for the Dirty Down website trade shop. Payment is by card at checkout, we are not able to accept payment by bank transfer.

Resellers in the UK and EU:

Full delivery address.
Full name of the person receiving delivery and their mobile/telephone number.
Billing/office address (if different from your delivery address).
Email addresses for invoices and order confirmations (we can send invoices to more than one email address).
VAT and EORI numbers – (EU resellers only)

We can deliver carboard boxes and pallets to almost all UK and EU mainland locations. However, we can only delivery pallets to Denmark, Estonia, Finland Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

We cannot delivery to other locations including Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Ireland, Serbia, and other locations around the world etc, but you can collect pallet orders from us using your own courier. Cardboard boxes/packages cannot be collected – only pallets. Our products are classed as dangerous goods, aerosols are UN1950 and the paints are UN1993. Shipping by land and sea should not be a problem but you need to check this with your courier.  Shipments by air need to be packed by an IATA qualified dangerous goods packer – our packers are not IATA qualified – your courier’s dangerous goods team will need to re-pack our products before shipping by air. Safety data sheets are located on our website, link here safety data sheets/

We will prepare a commercial invoice and dangerous good note for you.

Unfortunately, we do know of an easy way to make the paints permanent. Spraying with varnish may work but we have had mixed results doing this and so we strongly recommend practicing on spare painted models before trying to spray a nicely painted model – it’s very easy for it to go wrong and ruin your paintwork. We have just added a new page to our website with information about spraying with varnish which might be of interest – link to page here sealing rust moss and verdigris paints. It’s important to spray from a distance (up 1m away) so that it lands on a model almost dry and only spray very light, fine coats. This is not easy to do and so it’s very important to practice.

The paints will not work unless all the lumps and gooey stuff in the pot has been thoroughly mixed in. Before using the paint the pot needs to be thoroughly shaken with the ball bearing rattling and thoroughly stirred until all the lumps are gone. The paint in the pot must be completely smooth with no lumps or globules. If there are any lumps in the paint then it may not work and you will see a shiny appearance. It helps with mixing if the pot is at room temperature or a little warmer and sometimes painting with a damp brush also helps.

The best way to wash your brush is in water straight after every use before the paint has dried. It’s best not to let the paint dry on the brush because it harder to remove. However, if paint has dried onto your brush you can soak the brush in methylated/alcohol spirit. Or, leave the brush soaking in the pot to dissolve the dry paint.

Our products are flammable to our knowledge cannot be carried on an aircraft in cabin or hold luggage.

Couriers can carry our products on an airline but they have to be specially packed with dangerous goods paperwork.

Modelmates weathering sprays are the same product as dirty down ageing sprays, they just have different names. Please see below – for example modelmates slate grey weathering spray is dirty down black ageing spray. They are exactly the same products, the only difference is the size of the spray can, modelmates weathering sprays were small 200ml sized spray cans, but dirty down ageing sprays are larger 400ml sized spray cans.

You can download any data sheet from our website here.

If you are a retailer in USA and Canada please contact our USA distributor the Goblin’s Hut.

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