Costume Crayons – Usage Instructions

  • Costume Crayons work best at room temperature (20 degC).
  • Cold crayons may be hard and should be warmed before use, for example, by keeping in a pocket against the skin for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Do not force the plastic screw mechanism if a crayon is cold. The cold wax may stick to the side of the tube and forcing the screw mechanism may cause it to break.
  • Crayons will not adhere to smooth surfaces, only rough, textured ones.
  • Heavy application will result in a build up of crayon which may rub onto other surfaces.
  • Crayons are best used for last minute ageing. They are quick and easy to apply when the pressure is on for effective fast results. The ageing effect of the crayon can “drop out” and reduce over a week or two. 

Applying Coloured Crayons To Fabrics:

  • Apply directly in small areas at a time.
  • Press gently for a less visible stain mark, or hard for a darker mark.
  • Apply onto dry fabric for a strong mark, or onto damp or wet fabric for a more smudged stain.
  • Rub-in each application using a dry or damp/wet cloth, or by simply rubbing the fabric together, against itself. If the crayon has been applied to wet fabric it will smudge easier.
  • Do not apply in long continuous lines (unless you would like straight lines).
  • Use sparingly.

1/ Turn the screw until the crayon projects.



2/ Hold the crayon like holding a pen.



3/ Apply in small areas at a time – not in long lines.



4/ Rub the crayon into the fabric using a damp cloth.


or/ rub the fabric together between your hands.



Washing Guidelines:

  • Never soak or wash in hot or even warm water – always cold.
  • These washing guidelines do not guarantee crayon marks will be washed out. Crayons may leave permanent marks even after washing.  If this is a concern, carry out a wash test before final use by applying crayon to an off-cut or hidden surface and washing as shown below.
  • Soak fabric in cold water overnight – 8 hours.
  • Remove from water and rub the wet fabric together by hand to remove excess crayon. Much of it should come off at this point.
  • Apply pre-wash “stain removal spray”, for example “Vanish”, following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Wash in washing machine in cold (not hot) water using good quality powder, Persil or similar.
  • If any colour/marks remain, then repeat the process again.


  • Do not leave in direct sunlight. Store at room temperature, (not below 15 degC or above 25 degC).