Anti-Static Spray

Anti-static spray for fabrics

Eliminates static on all types of fabric, including wool, nylon and other synthetics

Prevents static cling & reduces creases. Anti Static Spray leaves surfaces free from grease and resistant to static build up.


Anti-static spray eliminates static on fabric, including wool, nylon and other synthetics, carpets and rugs. Fast drying. Ozone friendly.


  • Shake the spray can before every use. Use sparingly, apply several fine coats, not one heavy coat. Over application will reduce the anti-static effect and may cause puddles. Best results are achieved when fine coats are applied. The spray can must be at room temperature to work properly.
  • Surfaces must be dry & grease free.
  • Mask areas not to be sprayed.
  • Anti-static spray may stain/damage some fabrics or surfaces.
  • Hold can upright 30cm (12 inches) away from the surface, and spray across the surface in one smooth sweep, keeping the nozzle fully depressed. Spots of concentrated spray may appear if the button is only partially depressed.
  • Anti-static spray is water soluble and the effects of spraying will be lost by washing in water.
  • Do not use outside in wet weather.
  • Test before use on hidden surfaces/ off-cuts for compatibility.
  • The spray can be removed from most washable fabrics by washing.
  • 400ml sized spray.